The company you keep means everything

From social creators and celebrities to public figures and entertainment partners, they shape reputation, build brand love, and spark social commerce.

But with so much at stake, whom should you engage to help tell your story?

Introducing Emanate, a Ketchum-powered division dedicated to activating performance-driven influence that’s expertly vetted, so you can feel confident in your partnerships and the potential of your campaigns to make the right kind of waves.

Discover the Power of Emanate

This is how we flow.

Full Funnel Waves

From awareness and engagement to leads and sales, we can measure the impact of your influence program against your most important business goals.

Perfect Waves

Our audience-first approach predicts your top-performing influencers using our proprietary ranking algorithm, a combo of behavioral, psychographic, and conversational data.

Big Waves

When you need to go large, our in-house team of talent and branded entertainment experts can build your go-to-market strategy and negotiate the most competitive cross-platform terms.

Smooth Waves

Social trends and consumer sentiment are fickle, so we leverage advanced AI to vet influencers’ historical posts and surface red flags before they become reputation issues.

New Waves

Tap into our bench of thousands of talented creators for quick-turn social assets – and then optimize them for performance using our AI Content Engine.


Find out how we can help you make the right kind of waves.